Enterprise grade security platform that provides a single trust anchor to authenticate user identities, trust in devices and authenticity of online transactions across a variety of contexts and channels.
What Is Echidna?

Echidna is an enterprise grade authentication server, which has been developed to support high availability, high volume and high assurance authentication of users, devices and online transactions for applications in banking, government and enterprise organisations globally.

What Are The Capabilities?

Enable adaptive risk-based approach to security through a range of methods for different levels of authentication from SMS OTPs, Challenge/Response, to more contemporary QR code signing, PKI signatures and advanced connected mobile security tokens capable of transaction signatures with dynamic linking of the transaction context and addition of PIN, Fingerprint and other biometrics.


User Identity and Access Management enforcement using a range of methods for different levels of authentication. Central policy and risk-based approach to authentication of online transactions through security tokens.


High assurance trust and authentication of devices, users and transactions using contemporary security tokens.


Remote network access for high assurance authentication of remote users connecting to enterprise networks via VPNs, Citrix gateways or other RADIUS aware access points.


Thales nShield HSMs are fully supported with HSM key ceremony procedures if required. Echidna supports HSMs through the PKCS#11 Java Cryptography Provider. Migration from soft-HSM also supported.


Brokering capability enables proxy of authentication requests to 3rd party proprietary servers. Delegate authentication requests that match the pre-configured criteria to external servers via either RADIUS or web service calls.

APCA Compliant
ISO-9564 Card PIN Validation

Australian payments industry compliant ISO-9564 Format-0 card PIN validation with support for interface into Interchange AS2805 (ISO8583 equivalent) for payment transaction messaging.


ADFS Plug-In provides users with a convenient and secure biometric login to Active Directory Federation Services enabled applications such as Windows Server, SharePoint, Google Drive, Office365, Salesforce.


Shibboleth Plug-In integrates with Shibboleth to enable federated user identity with 2FA for Shibboleth SAML-based service providers.

Simple installation & operation.
Echidna is easy to use and configure, whether you need Salt Mobile security token, hardware tokens, or prefer other authentication methods. Simply point Echidna to existing databases or directories, and Echidna will do the rest, giving total confidence that only the employees, customers, and partners that have been authorized have access to the system.
Superlative Two-factor Authentication
Echidna is vendor neutral and doesn't lock an organisation into a security technology; it supports any OATH standard based tokens, SMS OTP, and Salt Mobile tokens, to cover all authentication needs.
Salt Mobile

Salt Mobile digital identity security tokens enable high assurance trust and authentication of devices, user and transactions.

Standalone contemporary mobile apps for authentication of user identity and verification of transactions independent of the delivery channel that initiated the request.

Salt Mobile
Retire Costly RSA Tokens
Protect investment in existing fleet of legacy hardware tokens while providing a seamless transition to Echidna and its supported tokens without disruption.
Sophisticated Workflow-based Processes
Around Authentication

It's not just an authenticator, Echidna is capable of applying rules based authentication policies based on the user's group membership and user's token type. And supporting multiple authentication mechanism concurrently.

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