Identity & Authentication

Users, Transactions

Know Your Customer Identity (eKYC)
Verify user identity with OCR of photo ID documents and biometric liveness binding face-to-photo matching.
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User Authentication
Confirm the identity of users with 2FA and contemporary biometric methods.
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Transaction Authentication
Authorise online transactions and critical actions independent of the delivery channel that initiated the request.
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Identity Theft Cases Reported in Australia
Online Transactions per annum by Australians
Online Fraud Cases Reported in Australia
What We Do
Capture identity information from photo ID documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and validate liveness binding through biometric face-to-photo ID matching. The customer controls their identity metadata by authorising release and confirmation of their identity information.
User Authentication
Verify the identity of users for access control with contemporary biometric connected MFA security tokens.
Transaction Authentication
High assurance out-of-band authentication of high impact transactions and instructions initiated through electronic service delivery channels. Audit trail of verification for non-repudiation. Fraud protection against man-in-the-middle and browser malware.
authentication methods
Echidna authentication server to enable adaptive risk-based approach to security through a range of methods for different levels of authentication assurance from SMS OTPs, Challenge/Response, to more contemporary QR code signing and advanced connected mobile security tokens capable of transaction signatures with dynamic linking of the transaction context and addition of PIN, Fingerprint and other biometrics.
HSM Solutions
Reseller of Thales nShield HSMs with professional services and subject matter expertise in HSMs, key ceremony procedures, and SEE code development.
Cloud & IoT Security
Secure the identity and access of users, devices and Internet of Things connecting into the cloud. Support cloud adoption and migration of applications and data into private and public clouds.
Introducing Safetronic

Following the Licence Agreement between Salt Group and Thales which provided SALT with a worldwide, exclusive and perpetual licence to further develop, sell and support the SafeSign product into the future, we are excited to announce the release of the new SafeSign renamed Safetronic.

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