Authentication & Identity

Cybersecurity Products

User identity and authentication cybersecurity products for eKYC and to authenticate the identity of users and authenticity of transactions over online service delivery channels.

Salt mSign & Positronic eKYC

Salt Mobile digital identity security tokens enable Know Your Customer (eKYC) and high assurance ongoing authentication of user identity and transaction signing.

What can you do with Positronic & mSign?

Know Your Customer - Capture identity information through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from photo ID documents such as driver’s licenses, national ID cards with liveness binding through biometric face-to-photo matching. The customer controls their identity data by authorising release and confirmation of their identity information. Identity documents can be validated against government records through a Document Validation Service (DVS).
User Identity - Verify online user access with MFA security tokens. Standalone Salt Mobile security tokens or embedded within existing mobile apps to enable contemporary biometric connected MFA verification of user identity for access control.
Transaction Signing - Out-of-band authentication of transactions and instructions initiated through electronic service delivery channels requiring high assurance. Audit trail of verification for non-repudiation. Fraud protection against man-in-the-middle and browser malware.

Safetronic Platform

Safetronic is an enterprise grade security platform that provides a single trust anchor for authentication of user identities and transactions across all digital channels and protection of high value B2B corporate payments.

What can you do with Safetronic?

Authenticate Security Tokens - Authenticate and manage Salt mSign mobile security tokens, PKI, EMV CAP, smartcards, hardware tokens and OATH OCRA/TOTP/HOTP tokens.
Protect High-Value B2B Payments - Safetronic protects high value B2B corporate payments such as the UK BACS, Faster Payments, CHAPS and Faster Cheques.
Mitigate Risk - Safetronic enables adaptive risk engines to mitigate risk through a range of authentication elements and methods for different levels of authentication.
PSD2/SCA - Meet regulation requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) within the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) authentication.
Payment Card PIN Validation - Identity verification and card PIN management. ISO-9564 Format-0 compliant with support for interface into Interchange AS2805 (ISO8583 equivalent).

3rd Party

Best-in-breed third party hardware and software products to complement the Safetronic platform and Salt mobile security tokens.

What can you do with Entrust nShield HSMs, Intercede MyID & Thales Vormetric?

Entrust nShield HSMs - Hardened, tamper-resistant secure FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography, key protection and data encryption. Note Entrust nShield series HSMs were formerly known as Thales nCipher nShield HSMs.
Thales Vormetric - Securing sensitive data across servers spanning data centres, clouds, big data and container environments with centralised policy and key management.
Intercede MyID - Issue and manage digital credential lifecycle on smartcards, virtual smartcards and on-device security chips.
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