Advanced Solutions Group
Professional services and subject matter expertise in the application and deployment of HSMs, cryptography and the integration of complex systems.

Cryptographic Services

Salt Group’s Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) is a specialist team of subject matter experts for rapid deployment and integration of complex systems which incorporate the use of HSMs, cryptography, PKI, identity and smartcard management, mobile payment systems, data protection together with Salt Group’s own Echidna and Salt Mobile product suite.

ASG specialises in the deployment and integration of Thales nShield HSMs for secure key management and processing, secure cryptographic operations in HSMs, Thales CodeSafe development, Thales nShield HSM integration with PKI solutions and database encryption, HSM-based integration for big data solutions, and end-to-end credential management.

Complex Systems Integration

The ASG team is experienced in working with the technology environments and business processes of large financial corporations and government to provide consulting, product and subject matter expertise to deliver complex systems and provide ongoing support in the application of encryption, large scale identity management systems, PKI, CAs, Thales nShield HSMs, Thales Vormetric, and Intercede MyID smartcard lifecycle management.

Payment Systems

ASG is experienced in the integration of HSMs to support payment solutions and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

ASG provides professional services and subject matter expertise in the payment card industry, the application of cryptography and HSMs, data security and tokenization to comply PCI-DSS, ISO-9564 Card PIN validation, interchange protocols AS-2805 (ISO-8583 equivalent), MasterCard OpenAPI payment network and Visa Data Secure Platform.

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